Wove in Hove

These terms and conditions are based on the 'Sale of Goods Act' errors and omissions excepted.

Our terms and conditions are based upon our aim to sell in good faith, intending to provide the item(s) you expect and in return receive payment. 

General information -  our hand woven items are usually made from natural fibred yarns, for example linen and cotton. This means that sometimes slubs, uneveness and texture will occur and are a normal feature of this work. As part of the item's woven pattern sometimes 'floats' (small flat loops) are present and care needs to be taken when wearing jewellery which might snag the floats. This hand woven work requires care when laundering/pressing by hand. Colours can and will gently fade over time and wear

Refunds/Solutions - we will assume that you have accepted the item(s) if you either tell us you have accepted it/them, or, you have altered the item(s) in any way, or, keep it/them. If you think refund or compensation is appropriate we may make either a part or full refund including postage for the item(s), or repair or replace the item(s) both subject first to a fair investigation by ourselves into the matter.

See our full terms + conditions: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0210/8210/files/Sale_of_Goods_T_C1.doc?136



Thanks for your visit! If you would like to commission a special hand woven item such as a wrap, scarf, cushion or other accessory please e-mail me on louise@woveinhove.com and we can talk about your ideas!