Wove in Hove

My name is Louise Hardman and I am an experienced hand loom weaver. My husband Wayne Hardman is an experienced mover and assembler of looms - as well as an ice hockey journalist and broadcaster.

Wove in Hove started out in Hove, England in the 1990 's.  Before that time my hand weaving designs were produced freelance for other labels. Eventually I decided to create my own label after literally dreaming the name 'Wove in Hove.'

I have been weaving and designing since the 1970 's and hand loom weaving has become an essential part of the life we now lead in Co Fermanagh where we re-located a few years back.

The on-line shop is a brand new venture. The idea was suggested by one of the most helpful business people I know - Dr Rachel Smart.


Thanks for your visit! If you would like to commission a special hand woven item such as a wrap, scarf, cushion or other accessory please e-mail me on louise@woveinhove.com and we can talk about your ideas!